Photo Booth Backdrops

for our Photo Booth

Choosing from our Photo Booth Backdrop Collection

Our photo booth backdrop collection allows you can choose from for our traditional photo booth, enclosed photo booth and our GIF photo booth.

Choose from the category that corresponds with what you have ordered/ will order. To find out which backdrops are available for your event please contact us prior to booking.

If you choose to have an open photo booth then you are more than welcome to design your own.
If you need help then let us know and we are happy to help you.

Open Photo Booth Options

These backdrops can be used for the Traditional photo booth, the Vintage Photo Booth and GIF Booth.

Tropical Backdrop

Green Screen – Add any digital Backdrop
(Extra fees may apply)

Do you want a Green Screen Backdrop?

Green Screen Backdrop is a special effect that allows you to choose ANY digital image as your backdrop!!

Gatsby Backdrop

Plain White Backdrop

Plain Black Backdrop

Sequin Mermaid Backdrop Collection

Our Beautiful New backdrop collection allows you to get creative and draw your own design. The rose gold has a matt rose gold finish one side and when pushed the other way it is a gloss rose gold. Then we have our white backdrop with blue and purple on the other side, depending on what way you are looking at it.

Rose Gold

White and Blue

Sequin Backdrop Collection

Wedding Words Backdrop

Birthday Backdrop

New Boho Premium Collection

Hedged Backdrop – Can be added to your photo booth hire for $150

Shabby Chic – $30 to hire with Photo Booth

Flower Bouquet – $30 to hire with Photo Booth

Tropical Flamingo – $30 to hire with Photo Booth

Enclosed Photo Booth

Used for the Traditional photo booth only.





Inflatable Photo Booth

If you wish to use the inflatable photo booth is used with our GIF Photo Booth Only. Extra charges apply.

Our Inflatable Backdrop has LED Lights that change colour.

Provide your own Backdrop

If you wish to provide your own backdop or hire one for an external supplier. Please email us the details and we will be happy to use them.

What to choose something different? Then we suggest you visit our Photo Booth Backdrops Blog for more great ideas. 

DIY Backdrops

There are so many different backdrops out their. If you want to create your own then see our pinterest page for more ideas. DIY backdrops allows you to create your own unique style to go with your event. Perfect for those extra special weddings and corporate events.


That’s it! Please send us your information or contact us today.

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